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Imagine a free resource that can help companies and organizations deliver better healthcare, create new investment tools, provide energy efficiently, improve transportation, analyze market trends, or manage disaster relief. That’s open data: A public good that anyone can use to create business opportunities and advance social goals.

We’ve launched the Center for Open Data Enterprise to help institutions realize this potential through demand-driven open data. We work both with government data providers and the organizations that use their data to develop strategies that make a tangible difference.

The Center’s founding team began working together in 2013. We conceptualized, developed, and launched the first comprehensive study of business uses of open data, the Open Data 500 (owned and maintained by The GovLab at NYU). The study has been cited as “proof that open data fuels economic activity.”

Here’s what we’re doing today:

  • We’re working with the World Bank and other partners to map use cases of open data from around the world. These exciting examples are appearing everywhere from countries with advanced data programs to those that are just beginning to explore the possibilities.
  • Through our Open Data Roundtables, we’re convening government data stewards and their data “customers” to figure out how to put open data to better use. We’re planning these structured dialogues both with U.S. federal agencies and with governments and NGOs in other countries.
  • We turn concepts into action, taking ideas from the Roundtables and finding practical ways to apply them. We’re collaborating with organizations including the Center for Data Science & Public Policy at the University of Chicago to find solutions for problems of data quality and access.

By mapping the uses of open data, convening diverse groups of data users and providers, and implementing the most targeted and productive ideas, the Center for Open Data Enterprise is working to maximize the value of this public good. We invite you to follow our progress and contact us with your ideas for projects and partnerships.

Joel Gurin, President and Founder, Center for Open Data Enterprise

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