Celebrating Open Data Day in DC and Around the World

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This post originally appeared on the Center for Open Data Enterprise website.

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On February 21, over 200 cities hosted hackathons in celebration of the fifth annual Open Data Day. Developers, statisticians, activists, and designers passionate about open data (or eager to learn) collaborated on civic projects to make an impact in their communities and beyond.

photo credit: Anjelika Deogirikar

The Center for Open Data Enterprise launched officially on Open Data Day, and we were happy to have our team at the gathering in Washington, DC. Joel Gurin and Laura Manley led a discussion on key trends in the commercial use of open data.

Open Data Day
photo credit: Greg Elin

The fun of Open Data Day is not just in attending local events, but in tracking social media from events around the world. We found open data advocates sharing valuable tools, promoting the benefits of open data, and calling on fellow open data advocates to get involved. We were thrilled to see so many examples of open data being applied.

The Center for Open Data Enterprise is now developing open data user map, launching this spring, to be the first centralized, searchable database of open data use cases around the world. It will serve as a key resource in understanding the range of applications and demonstrate the value of open government data around the world.  Our team created themed Open Data Day storify pages to highlight tweets and images about specific topics and connect open data experts working in similar areas. Each storify is listed below:

      • Open Data Maps – Visualizing subway bacteria in Paris, bat sightings in London, census data in Nepal and more.
      • Open Data Housing – Participants in the U.S., Ghana and Spain used open data to tackle affordable housing, housing infractions and resiliency.
      • Open Data Cities – Open data on public safety, environment, social services, real estate, and local politics can empower both urban planners and citizens.
      • Open Data Education – Check out how Washington DC is opening up school budgeting, how education data is being opened in Moldova and more.
      • Open Data Transportation – Open data can do more than get you from point A to point B, it helps you hack the commute or find your way around a new city.
      • Open Data Food – Projects focused on agriculture, public health officials, and food safety data.
      • Open Data Census – Participants used census data in cities from Nepal to England to Canada.
      • Open Data Health – Check out how teams around the world took on problems like food access, mental health, measles, and the global health data system.

Looking forward to Open Data Day 2016!

Katherine Garcia, Communications Manager, the Center for Open Data Enterprise

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