About This Website

I’m pleased to welcome you to the new website, OpenDataNow.com. Open Data is accessible public data we can use to launch new ventures, analyze trends, make data-driven decisions, and solve complex problems. I’ve been fortunate to see the Open Data movement grow through my work as Executive Vice President of Consumer Reports, as head of the FCC’s consumer bureau, as Chair of a White House Task Force on consumer data and information, and now as author of the upcoming book, Open Data Now.

I’m launching this website to be a hub for news, interviews, events and opinions on Open Data and all its uses. Open Data is a critically important new resource for businesses, government, nonprofits, and consumers alike. As President Obama said recently, Open Data “is going to help launch more start-ups. It’s going to help launch more businesses. . . . It’s going to help more entrepreneurs come up with products and services that we haven’t even imagined yet.”

You’ll see interviews here with the government leaders, entrepreneurs, tech geniuses, academics and others who are driving the Open Data movement.  I hope you find their visions of the future as inspiring and thought-provoking as I have. And you can read more about my own background, my consulting practice, and my upcoming book elsewhere on this website. I also encourage you to sign up for my weekly digest of Open Data news and updates.

I hope you’ll find the site useful, thought-provoking, and engaging – and hope you will add your own comments, links, and ideas to the growing Open Data community.

- Joel Gurin, Founder and Editor, OpenDataNow.com

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Available January 10, 2014