My new book Open Data Now has now been published and is available in bookstores and online. Click above to read a sample chapter or order the book. Based on two years of research and dozens of interviews, it’s the first general-interest book on Open Data. I’ve been gratified by some very positive advance notices, like this one from Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus: The Secret Driver of Excellence:

“In Open Data Now, Joel Gurin presents a strategy for success in the coming era of massive data. Open Data gives business unprecedented power to understand customers and earn their trust. Any organization that wants to connect with the people it serves needs these lessons.   Open Data Now is an instant classic – essential reading for entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives, or anyone who needs to understand this new information reality.”

Open Data is starting to transform business, government, science, media, and many other aspects of society. McKinsey has estimated that it has an annual economic value of $3 trillion or more worldwide. And the Open Data 500 project that I’m now leading has found hundreds of American businesses that are using Open Data in a wide variety of ways.

My book focuses on the business value of Open Data while also covering privacy, government, and social issues.  Topics include:

  • New Startups: Turning Government Data into Dollars
  • Consumer Websites: Choice Engines for Smart Disclosure
  • Managing the Data Deluge
  • Data-Driven Investing: New Tools for Business Analysis
  • The Rise of Sustainability Data
  • How Reputation Data is Defining Brands
  • The Science of Sentiment Analysis
  • Tapping the Crowd for Innovation
  • The Open Research Lab: Open Data and Collaboration
  • Privacy, Security, and the Value of Personal Data
  • Doing Business in a See-Through Society
  • Government and Data: Setting the Rules for an Open World
  • The Open Data Future

Watch this site for more news on the book or contact me for information. And read what people are saying about it now:

Alex “Sandy” Pentland, director of the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program: “Data is the new oil of the internet, yet much of it is locked up because of habits inherited from the days of index cards and filing cabinets. In Open Data Now, Joel Gurin, who lives at the epicenter of this new data-driven world, describes how these hidden resources can be transformed into public wealth and vibrant commerce, and gives us a road map for making it happen. This book will convert you to a new way of thinking about data and open your eyes to huge new possibilities.”

Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier, coauthors of the landmark book Big Data: “Open Data is one of the most important ways in which society can tap information, extract new economic value, and promote government transparency. Joel Gurin has used his wide-ranging expertise to identify the landmarks – and the landmines – in this critical issue of global significance.

Bill Baker, President Emeritus, Educational Broadcasting Corporation: “Data gives us the key to understanding others and ourselves.  Joel Gurin is a consumer advocate and big thinker.  His insights into this new world of data mining and how it might change our lives and the world give us a very important glimpse into what’s to come in a society where data greases the wheels of its progress and problems.

Michael Fertik, Founder and CEO, “The sheer scale, detail and speed of data has significant implications for us all, personally and professionally, positively and negatively.  Open Data Now is a thoughtful exploration of this phenomenon and its impact.”

Josh Gottheimer, General Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Operations, Microsoft: “Open Data is having a profound impact on the technology sector and on society – in the way we work, in the way we govern, and in the way we interact with institutions writ large.  In his compelling and cutting-edge book, Joel Gurin unpacks the tension between innovation and privacy that’s front and center in the debate over data.  It’s a must read for anyone following the panoply of issues swirling around personal and public data.”

- Joel Gurin, Founder and Editor, OpenDataNow